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From Our Readers:




"A science Experiment from the book  "Schneur of Chevron

A School project made by Rosa Korf of Miami

Sarah Halperin from Moscow made a Panpipe according to the instructions in the book "Motti of Paraguay" 

Mushka and Perl from Equador made doughnuts and stuffed them with the Jam they made from the book "Shaina of Norway"

David Reinhold made panpipes from the book "Motti of Paraguay"

Mendy and Nechami Ash, of Peterburg, Russia, preparing paper snow flakes from "Mendy of Siberia".

Yehuda and David Reinhold made Fruit Shake from the book "Rivka of Thailand"

We would LOVE to see your photos of things you created from our books. Submit your photos and we will post them here.

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